Weekend Poll: Would Apple’s Switch to USB-C Tempt You to Try an iPhone?

How deep is your Android loyalty?

Almost all Android devices have been using USB-C for over half a decade. Even Amazon’s $60 Fire 7 tablet made the switch this week, removing micro USB from one of its latest consumer gadgets for good. Apple has also opted for USB-C on many of its devices. From the iPad Air to the MacBook Pro, nearly every product in its lineup uses everyone’s favorite modern connector except the iPhone.

Apple has resisted moving the iPhone away from Lightning, even as its proprietary port has aged and slowed down year after year. Rumors have always pointed to a portless future, suggesting that the company would rather eradicate cables altogether than abandon its MFi program. That’s all changed in the past two weeks as recent word hinted at a switch to USB-C starting with the 2023 iPhone 14. This isn’t the first time the company has considered the change, although this time the phone may already be in testing – more concrete evidence that a transition could be happening.


Before going to the comments to ask you what site you are on, listen to me. The iPhone remains incredibly popular, particularly but certainly not in North America. A lot of our audience uses the latest hardware from Samsung or Google, but they probably have plenty of relatives who prefer Apple’s ecosystem. Maybe you are in a relationship with an iPhone user, or a lot of your family members or friends have moved on from Android. In a world where Apple is finally ditching Lightning for USB-C, you’ll be able to share charging cables, headphone dongles, and other accessories without having to consider brands. The only thing more utopian is the widespread adoption of RCS.

Of course, a switch to USB-C would also solve one of the biggest complaints many Apple critics – including us – have with the iPhone. AP alumnus Michael Crider wrote something last year on this exact topic, describing Apple’s frustrating reluctance to move its iPhone to a modern connector as the only thing keeping it from checking out the competition. . I wouldn’t be surprised if any element of our audience agreed, no matter how small.

There’s only one way to find out. Would you ever consider trying out an iPhone if Apple made the jump to USB-C, or is iOS a complete non-starter for you? And please, everyone – keep the comments civil.

Would Apple’s move to USB-C entice you to try an iPhone?

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