Tencent and Sony throw big money at Elden Ring Maker FromSoftware

The Demon's Souls Adjudicator boss sticks his tongue out at a figure.

Image: From software

Ring of Elden wasn’t just a hit with fans of FromSoftware’s notoriously difficult action-RPGs. Today, Tencent Holdings and Sony announced that they have acquired 30% of the souls-shares of the developer of the series, distributed in favor of Tencent. FromSoftware is expected to earn $260 million from the deal.

Today announcement from FromSoft’s parent company, Kadokawa revealed that Sony and Tencent are acquiring 14.09% and 16.25% of FromSoft, respectively. The statement indicates that Kadokawa wants FromSoftware to be able to expand its development efforts; Kadokawa sees “enhanced capabilities for creating, developing, and deploying [FromSoft] game IP as one of [Kadokawa] the highest priorities of the Group.

One of the objectives is to give FromSoft the necessary resources to growing up Ring of Elden franchise that goes beyond just video games.

Ring of Elden was a long time coming, building on a foundation first established in FromSoftware’s pioneering PS3 game in 2009 Demon’s Souls. A set of three spiritual suites in the form of dark souls trilogy, as well as two other similar titles (transmitted by blood and sekiro), has certainly broadened the audience for these challenging and enigmatic action-RPGs. But none have reached critical mass like Ring of Eldenwho last names out of stock As Call of Duty and leads to viral diffusion feelings and infatuation this just won’t die.

Tencent, a Shanghai-based conglomerate, continued its trend of investments and acquisitions. This holds 5% of Assassin’s Creed and Far cry Ubisoft publisher, made an acquisition of League of Legends‘ developer Riot Games, owns 40% of Epic Gamesand holds interests in many, many, many, many other game companies. As Polygon Remarkshe also owns 5% of Activision Blizzard, which will be transferred to Microsoft if this megacorporation notable attempt to acquire the Call of Duty clear editor regulatory review.

Sony has also been on a spending spree, although it looks a bit more modest compared to Tencent. Perhaps more particularly, Sony acquired Bungie, formerly affiliated with Microsoft for $3.6 billion in January. The PlayStation house too decided to acquire Bluepoint, the studio that made a name for itself with critically acclaimed remakes. Sony too invested a billion dollars in Epic Games back in April.

Either way, FromSoft may be able to use the new money to add easy mode so I can finally finish the damn stuff.

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