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State of Decay 3 news has been about as rare as a pleasant day in a zombie apocalypse, but Xbox Game Studios head Matt Booty has just revealed the next game is in the works in Unreal Engine. 5 with help from Gears of War developer The Coalition.

As reported by Wccftech, Booty appeared on Xbox’s Major Nelson podcast and shared some interesting behind-the-scenes details from the development of State of Decay 3.

“You mentioned [State of Decay 3 developer] Undead Labs, they’re working with The Coalition in Vancouver, our Gears of War studio, using some of the tech around Unreal Engine 5 and some of the stuff that was in Gears of War before it was brought into State of Decay 3,” Booty told Nelson.

“Last week the day before yesterday we spent all day at Undead Labs in Seattle which was great getting the update on State of Decay 3 which has some really cool stuff on top of that State of Decay 2 just continues to grow its user base,” Booty added. “It’s kind of this stealth stuff that keeps growing, and it was cool to have an update. I think we’ve hit eleven million lifetime players on State of Decay 2 now, which is pretty cool. All of that, the stuff that they do there, is really the testing ground, the proving ground, for everything that happens in State of Decay 3.”

Booty also talked about how he and the team deal with learning from teams about the progress of their games and how these studios share technology back and forth, and it all happens at various summits.

“We have a structure in place, we just call them summits, where we bring subject matter experts together for a day or two,” Booty explained. “We’ve had animation summits, UI summits, Unreal Engine summits, physics summits, etc. I think we had about 25 last year. is our primary mechanism for teams to share technology back and forth.”

The Coalition is one of Microsoft’s frontline Unreal Engine 5 studios, as it announced in 2021 that it was moving to UE5 for “several new projects”. In April 2022, The Coalition even showcased Unreal Engine 5 experiences.

As for State of Decay 3, it was announced during an Xbox games showcase in 2020 and we only got a quick cinematic glimpse of a lonely woman in the desert and a wolf corpse being eaten by a zombie deer.

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