Samsung sales rep whistleblower fired because that’s how you make things better

Other workers who spoke out or shared the story were also fired

Last month, several Samsung sales representatives under contract with the recruitment agency Ibbu denounced the unpaid work. Despite earning 100% commission, these workers were responsible for answering customer support questions that resulted in no income. Almost a month later, these contractors are starting to feel the heat from Ibbu, with the main whistleblower – Jennifer Larson – having been suspended and fired from her job.

Larson was the only sales rep to attach her name to The Verge’s initial story, though she wasn’t the only source to speak to reporters. According to follow-up coverage from The Verge, Larson was suspended from Ibbu a day after the original story went live. Despite being told her suspension was temporary — and that she would receive an update from the company on her status within the week — Larson was eventually let go four weeks later.


According to the email sent to Larson, she was fired for “disclosing confidential information about the Ibbu platform on social media and encouraging visitors, directly in the chat, to view third-party links or content,” in addition to having used the platform for personal communication. For her part, Larson told reporters that she was not surprised at the action taken against her and did not regret speaking out on Ibbu and Samsung.

Other contractors, even without public identities, also faced retaliation over reports last month. Two of Ibbu’s “experts” told The Verge they had been fired from working with Samsung Mobile, while a third – who was do not one of the original sources for the story – was fired after sharing the story on her LinkedIn profile. Ibbu claims that these employees had poor sales performance, which led to their dismissal.

We have contacted Samsung for comment on the dismissal of these employees, and we will update any statements provided.

Ibbu seems to be aware that customer service talks – which resulted in a lack of commission – were taking their toll on his workforce. The company is reportedly trying to reduce off-topic support tickets sent to its sales reps, which it says currently accounts for about 2.81% of all communications. As small as it may seem, it still entails unpaid work, which – entrepreneur or not – should be unacceptable for any platform, especially when working with a company as large as Samsung.

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