Project Volterra: Microsoft Announces Windows 11 Development Kit on ARM with Qualcomm SoC

What do you want to know:

  • Microsoft has unveiled its first Windows devkit on ARM.
  • It’s powered by a Snapdragon SoC and will arrive later this year.
  • It has an integrated NPU and is similar in shape and size to a Mac mini.

Microsoft announced new hardware during Build 2022! Given that Build is a developer conference, it’s no surprise to learn that the hardware announced today is a development kit designed to help developers build applications that take advantage of new AI capabilities through an integrated neural processing unit (NPU). as well as support for Windows 11 on ARM.

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The development kit is called “Project Volterra” and is powered by an as yet unnamed Snapdragon processor. The device is a mini desktop computer, similar in shape and size to a Mac mini or at the base of a Surface Studio, just without the screen attached. This dev kit is also Microsoft’s first “desktop” PC, although it has no plans to sell the device as a consumer product.

Volterra Project

(Image credit: Microsoft)

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