Play the paperclip game, it’s awesome

I had seen screenshots of trombone champion earlier this week and I thought it was kind of Wii Music which I completely missed. Now that I know it’s a full-fledged game, I’m very Glad I had the chance to check it out.

Developed by Holy Wow, trombone champion is currently available on Steam, although a Mac version is also on the way. It’s a rhythm game where you play the trombone and have to move your mouse (and press a button) to match the music playing.

It’s relatively simple for a rhythm game, but trombone champion is not a game for unnecessary complexity. trombone champion is a game to play when you want to laugh and feel good about the medium of video games. And also learn a bit about the history of music, in a way that isn’t entirely historical.

The game’s launch trailer explains pretty much all about it:

Trombone Champion Trailer

What’s important to note here is that while the game is fun – and from its lootbox parodies to the animation to the overuse of the word “toot”, it’s funny for all ages, a rarity – it’s also…pretty good?

A lot of modern rhythm games strive to be more complex, faster, really bring something New at the table. But trombone champion just wants you to move a mouse up and down the screen very quickly while holding down the left mouse button (or breaking the keyboard, which is easier and also fun since the game lets you smash anyone which letter key).

That’s it! I’ve played this game before, since Ouendan at Donkey Kongaand it’s the latter that it all reminds me of the most, from the utterly unserious premise to the absurdity of stomping its way through a piece of beautiful classical music with the most obnoxious sounds imaginable.

The only good lootbox
GIF: trombone champion

This is good because this system works, it’s solid and it’s fun. The appeal here doesn’t necessarily come from the gameplay itself, but from the inexhaustible banter that you play these songs with a fucking tromboneand that Mii-like characters are some of the funniest avatars I’ve ever seen in a video game.

While the game is currently available on Steam and is coming to Mac, when it comes to console releases, the developers say “other ports are possible but not currently planned.”

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