Pixel 6 owners aren’t thrilled with Google’s overpriced yellowing cases

Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro users aren’t impressed with Google’s $30 proprietary cases. Looking at Reddit and reviews on Amazon, dozens of people are complaining about the clear plastic showing extreme yellowing, warping, or just not fitting the phone from the factory. Some users have posted appalling photos of their cases, claiming they deteriorated within a few months to just two or three weeks. An editor here at The edge says their case has also started to look “a bit lackluster”.

Although there are many positive reviews for the cases, it’s hard to ignore the number of complaints. It also seems unlikely that this is just a bad batch of cases. There’s a Reddit thread complaining about the issue from January and another with almost the exact same complaints from just a few hours ago. Some reviews also mention that the cases start to change shape around the buttons or the bottom, which would personally make me worry about its ability to protect my phone. Google did not immediately respond to The edgerequesting feedback to see if these were known issues.

One of the many Amazon reviews we found shows a less severe case of staining.
Picture: Akshay Mohol on Amazon

Anyone who bought a $10 translucent phone case is likely very familiar with this kind of rapid fading. For the most part, it’s just a fact of life with translucent plastics. Even many negative reviews admit that they expected the fading to happen at some point; they just didn’t expect it to happen in a matter of weeks or months, nor did they expect it to look so disgusting when it happened. Personally, I don’t think I’ve seen it look so bad since the early 2010s.

My editor’s case has no nasty stains, but it hasn’t aged gracefully either.
Image: The Edge/Richard Lawler

Again, however, this is not a bargain, a nameless case; it’s a product sold and branded by the same company that makes the phones. There’s also the added sting that this is an issue that Google has fixed in the past. A few of my colleagues had fond memories of the company’s fabric cases for phones like the Pixel 4A and Pixel 5, as did a few Reddit commenters (although there were also a fair number of complaints). Obviously these didn’t have the same problem with yellowing, and if they got dirty you could clean them pretty easily.

Luckily, there are plenty of third-party Pixel cases out there these days, but it’s a little disappointing that getting the official one is such a gamble. At least those reports have started to appear before the Pixel 6A is out; If Google offers similar cases for its more budget-conscious phone, it might be best to stay away unless the company announces it’s fixed the problem.

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