Overwatch 2 Is More Buggy Than Blizzard Admits [Update: Entire Characters Pulled ATM]

Overwatch Stronghold, which was temporarily removed from Overwatch 2 a week after launch following the discovery of bugs with its ultimate that allowed players to infinitely proc it.

Drawing: ActivisionBlizzard

After a very difficult launch week, Monitor 2 seems to be finally finds his legs. Big issues like server stability, SMS Authenticationand automatic skin purchases have been improved, corrected or are in the process of being adjusted. However, there are still tons of individual issues with Monitor 2 characters that have not been treated. Some of them are frustrating. Others are hilariousand I hope Blizzard never fixes them.

Naturally, Blizzard is focusing its resources on correct the main errors that affect the widest range of players. And I’d eat my shoes off if their QA testers hadn’t already caught most, if not all of these major bugs before launch. But it would still have been nice if Blizzard at least acknowledged some of these gameplay issues on their pinned message known bugs and issues. So instead of finding them through Blizzard, I found them on social media. Let’s review.

Damage dealer Mei can create a wall of ice, which she can use for cover or to make her way to higher structures. Unfortunately, jumping over these structures in Monitor 2 will put her on a rubber band. For those not in the know, stretching refers to a lag that occurs between the game server and your local software. This can make a character appear to instantly teleport from place to place. Surveillance players downloaded videos by Mei teleportation instantly above his ice wall after a short delay. Players have also found his wall to behave inconsistently. It allows her to get out of bounds, and Mei’s players have reported being able to push through.

Since Mei is a less popular character, fans feel disrespected by Blizzard’s unwillingness or inability to patch its ability prior to launch. The insect was particularly disappointing because its old freeze ability removedwhich was an important aspect of his style of play.

Bastion drains, on the other hand, are having a blast. As part of his ultimate ability, he allows you to spam artillery to his opponents when you right-click very quickly. The buff will likely be nerfed in the near future. For now, Bastion networks will still be able to rain down terror on their opponents.

There have also been other unresolved issues outside of gameplay. Ashe players report that she poses in T when session or wearing a specific skinalthough it is possible that sitting in general is bugged right now. And Cassidy’s victory pose seems much more suggestive when he swirls the air instead of his gun. It’s less that one of the issues is catastrophic than it is that alongside the other high-profile issues and sparser play overall (as in post-match results, or the number of cards that have disappeared now), it is let players call Monitor 2 more of an “early access” or unfinished experience provided that. Even minor details, like the UI, are set aside for not being perfectly aligned right now. Other issues, like players getting kicked out of games or see their game crash completely after earning achievementshave persists since last week.

Expect well: Blizzard will likely face character-specific bugs once they finish putting out fires or server-wide bugs that affect all players in the game. can still laugh at Monitor 2 players are completely wiped out by Bastion’s infinite missiles.

Update at 7:40 p.m. EST: Blizzard announced that Bastion and Torbjorn will be temporarily removed from the game as the developer fixes “a few bugs” in their ability kits. Presumably this is in response to reported issues with Bastion’s infinity ultimate, though in Torbjorn’s case it seems to be related to his Overcharged ability, which could be used twice in a row. Bastion will not be available at all during this time, while Torbjorn can only be played in Quick Play (i.e. unranked.)

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