Netflix’s first Resident Evil trailer imagines the franchise’s future

A horde of zombies.

They have red on them.
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You played the games, have you seen the moviesand now Netflix brings you a brand new version of resident Evil unlike anything you’ve seen before. The first trailer for the mysterious and highly anticipated show has just been released and io9 spoke to showrunner Andrew Dabb about it.

the The eight-episode season premieres July 14 and it follows a woman named Jade (Ella Balinska) who struggles to survive in a world overrun by deadly zombies, creatures, and all manner of evil. We are in 2036 but, 14 years earlier, she, her sister and his father Albert Wesker (Lance Reddick) were at ground zero in a place called New Raccoon City when the world, basically, came to an end. Told both in the past and in the future simultaneously, get a glimpse of the parallel carnage occurring in the newest version of the Capcom video game franchise. Then, below, read more from the showrunner on what to expect from the show.

So what exactly is going on here? Well, io9 was among a group of journalists who spoke to showrunner Andrew Dabb earlier this week about the show and he just broke it. First, where does this show fit into the overall story of resident Evil? It’s basically two sequels to every game that exists, one in 2022 and one in 2036.

“The games are the backstory,” Dabb said. “So everything that happened in the games happened in this world in the timeline where it happened.” So if something happened in a game released in 1998, like Raccoon City being destroyed, in this world, it also happened in 1998.

So if the games are canon (up to and including the newest game, Town, which Dabb says plays no role here – but in his mind it happens far away, almost simultaneously to this story) but what about the movies? Dabb says the series occasionally borrows from the Paul WS Anderson saga, but his take on resident Evil was more about showing fans times during a zombie apocalypse that we don’t usually see.

“What we have seen a lot of [in zombie movies] are the days, weeks and even months that follow,” he said. “But what we haven’t seen much of is the prep because, you know, the movie usually starts when the zombies show up, right? It doesn’t really start before that. And then we didn’t see what the world would be like once he accepted what happened. Humanity is adaptable and we adapt to many things. We are literally adapting to COVID right now. We would adapt to a zombie outbreak. It might not be pretty and it might not look like Los Angeles 2023, but we would.

This being resident Evil however, they are not just zombies. There are plenty of deadly creatures, some of which are new and some that fans might instantly recognize from the trailer. However, Dabb didn’t want the show to be just about Easter eggs and nods to hardcore fans. He wanted a show that was true to the games, but also unique. In fact, he cited a very famous example of what he wants to do.

“[Fans] want something that feels like a natural extension of what they already enjoy. And I would say the Marvel Universe does that very well,” Dabb said. “More [Marvel] the films do not adapt a specific comic. They borrow here and there and they build something new. That’s quite the way we approach it. The games are canon and, I’m sure we make mistakes, but we didn’t knowingly violate any rules of the games. But at the same time, it is not a direct adaptation of the games.

However, if you’re a fan of the games, you might have a question at this point. Resident Evil follows the family of Albert Wesker, Reddick’s character, who dies in a spectacular way end of 2009 resident evil 5. Dabb knows that might not make sense yet.

“We are very aware that Albert Wesker was thrown into a volcano by a rocket launcher,” he said. “There’s a very good reason Wesker is back and it doesn’t come down to the fact that he was wearing lava proof clothes and rocket launchers. So we are very aware of that. It will be processed. »

Not everything will be processed. When asked if this eight-episode season was a complete story, he said it was in terms of the characters, but not the overall plot. The hope is to do more in the future, although it’s a decision for Netflix down the road. For now, Dabb is just hoping that people who see this teaser will see that he has a new, fresh, but also faithful take on a beloved franchise. Something that fans new and old will respond to.

“[Resident Evil] is not, as I have seen online, ‘Riverdale with zombies.’ It’s a resident Evil show,” he said. “There’s blood and guts and gore and monsters and secrets and betrayals and all that. And I hope people will really react to that.

resident Evil debuts July 14th on Netflix and if you want to see more, we’re told there might be an Easter egg in this trailer for fans to find…

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