Marvel Fans Upset About She-Hulk CGI In New Trailer

Hulk has long been sidelined in the MCU as the Green Avenger hasn’t starred in a solo outing since 2008 The Incredible Hulk – in which he was played by Edward Norton. Marc Ruffalo took over from Bruce Banner for eight live appearances, but he has yet to return to the solo spotlight. To a certain extent, everything changes this year with She-Hulk.

The nine-episode Disney+ legal comedy will star Tatiana Maslany as Jennifer Walters, Bruce Banner’s cousin who gets her own gamma green transformation after a blood transfusion. Marvel Studios has introduced many CGI characters over the years, but this will be the first time a motion capture character has starred on Disney+.



With VFX heists plaguing Hollywood productions and causing delays due to the COVID-19-induced backlog, Marvel Studios couldn’t have picked a much worse time for this milestone. As reports indicate that the backlog is only beginning to shrink, the first comprehensive review of She-Hulk just debuted, and not everyone is happy.

She-Hulk CGI Creates Viral Controversy

Marvel Studios’ first trailer for She-Hulk: Lawyer encountered controversy on social media due to a debate over the quality of the CGI present in the footage.

She-Hulk Show CGI

popular social media star Supers shared his praise for most elements of the series, but noted that “the CGI doesn’t look great:”


“‘She-Hulk Attorney At Law’ looks A LOT of fun! Tatiana Maslany looks perfect for the role. Abomination. Professor Hulk. The CGI doesn’t look great, but I still think this show going to be an absolute blast!”

TikTok Creator Andrews Visual compared the effects to “a live-action video game cinematic:”

“Marvel is a multi-billion dollar franchise, I don’t care that She-Hulk is a TV show, it has to be better than that, it felt like a live-action video game cutscene. So many Netflix/ Amazon shows MUCH better CGI and VFX. I see no excuse. Hope it gets better.”

Writer Christopher Mark commented on the “unfinished and rubbery” CGI, closing any budgetary excuse with the comparison with the Star Wars Disney+ series:

“She-Hulk as a series looks incredibly fun, but the CGI looks really unfinished and rubbery. I know it’s TV, but the STAR WARS stuff pulls it off, and they have the budgets to adapt.”

twitter user @cgichipmunk drew particular attention to how Hulk’s visual effects seem to be much more complete than She-Hulk’s:


“Why does the CGI of Hulk in this trailer look perfectly good but She-Hulk looks very bad??


@ashCr__ championed the VFX artists behind She-Hulkcalling complaints “ridiculous nitpicking” since it’s only a trailer and the first one too:

“Where’s the respect for VFX artists? The vast majority of people don’t have a clue how difficult a job is. Complaints about CGI in a trailer are the most ridiculous nitpick I’ve ever had. views from Marvel fans. . #SheHulk.”

Live Russ Milheim once again celebrated the fun potential of She-Hulkbut stressed that the team still had “a lot of work to do on his visual effects:”

“I really hope She-Hulk pulls off the landing. It could be a really fun and unique ride. They still have a lot of work to do on its visual effects.”

Matt Roembke – also from The Direct – responded with a more positive view of visual effects, sharing his belief that “if it’s as bad as it gets, it’ll be fine:”


“For the first stage, I can get behind the visual effects. If it’s as bad as it gets, it’ll be fine.”

Can She-Hulk fix its CGI issues before release?


It is undeniable that some She-HulkThe CGI of doesn’t look quite up to par in the first trailer. Marc Ruffalo’s Smart Hulk comes across as suitably polished in most scenes, while Tatiana Maslany’s She-Hulk noticeably stands out as somewhat unfinished in the majority of its clips.

Marvel Studios – like most players in the film industry – has been in deep trouble recently due to delays in visual effects. With only a few VFX production houses favored by major Hollywood studios, the industry has suffered a significant backlog of shots to be completed due to COVID-19, causing delays for many blockbusters.

She-Hulk is a nine-episode series featuring a hero created entirely by CGI, making the project a massive undertaking from a post-production perspective. Although there are still three months until the legal comedy premieres on Disney+, so there is plenty of time for those plans to be finalized before release.


Some were quick to justify the quality with the caveat that She-Hulk is a streaming series, not a big screen movie. The Mandalorian should serve as proof alone that Disney is more than willing to shell out movie-level budgets for Disney+, though there’s no denying that this might be Marvel Studios’ most ambitious project yet in terms of CGI. .

sonic the hedgehog is a perfect example of a CGI character that looked abysmal during the first pic, but the studio was able to fix things in time for release. There is no doubt that whenever the next look at She-Hulk happens, things should be a lot neater.

Disney revealed the first trailer during its Upfront 2022 event which shed light on its upcoming television ventures. The House of Mouse naturally needed to create something new from the MCU – arguably its biggest brand – and She-Hulk was the obvious candidate, perhaps forcing an earlier-than-expected trailer release.


She-Hulk: Lawyer will premiere on Disney+ on August 17.

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