Kickstarter Game Blows Crypto Gambling, Can’t Refund Backers

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In 2021, at the height of the global collective blockchain madness, a video game called Savage Islands—Pokemon, but with crypto stuffwon over $500,000 on Kickstarter. A year later, the game is pretty much dead and so broke it can’t even repay its backers.

In a post on the game’s Steam pagethe devs said “we need to pause development of Untamed Isles and put the project on hold”, which only seems temporary until you read the rest of what they have to say:

There were a myriad of factors that led to this exact moment, but it all comes down to us not being able to financially meet the demands of what we set out to do.

Untamed Isles is a very ambitious title being an open world monster catching MMORPG. To work on this project, we involved more than 70 staff members and we worked tirelessly for more than 2 years to create the game that we all dreamed of. The truth is that the development cost is high and there have been a lot of obstacles in our way up to this time. Since we began the journey in 2020, the economic landscape has changed dramatically both generally and specifically for cryptocurrency, and we are not confident in the current market. We have run out of financial resources and cannot continue development at this time.

When they say “the economic landscape has changed dramatically”, they mean “ass fell off the crypto marketwe bet your money on”:

We dug into the crypto market and grew rapidly thanks to the positive interest. When the accident happened, we found ourselves heavily exposed with a track that was too short. Gaming remains game-first, crypto-second in design, but crypto funds have become and remain essential in getting us to the exit. Unlike many projects that went down in the storm, we actually have a great game design that could stand on its own two feet. But until the crypto situation is resolved – and we are confident that it will be at some point – then we must hibernate the development of this project.

And that ass fell so low that say the devs in a separate post “Due to the depletion of our cash reserves, we are unable to repay our original backers. We are truly sorry for this and wish this scenario would be different.

While this might be the part of the story where I say everyone supporting this game got exactly what they deserved, the fact is the wild island the crypto elements were optional, and it’s clear from backers’ comments under the “pause” announcement on Kickstarter that many people were only interested in the game itself, not its speculative elements:

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Image: wild islands

the wild island “hiatus” is particularly odd given it was only two weeks ago that the team was confirming a launch date of October 6, 2022, and that one of their key promises at the time of the Kickstarter campaign was that “we are fortunate to have funding that allows us to safely provide the basic features and gameplay”.

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