Jimmy Fallon asks Roman Reigns to comment on The Rock/WrestleMania rumors

After over a year of assuming it would be the main event of Wrestle Mania 39, most of the wrestling world has stopped thinking that Roman Reigns vs The Rock will take place in April. Rumor has it that with the relaunch of the XFL, not to mention everything he already has on his plate, Dwayne Johnson doesn’t feel like he can prepare in time.

That’s the word that got to Reigns, based on how he responded to Jimmy Fallon on The show tonight last night (January 27), when the host brought up rumors that Roman will face his cousin Dwayne at SoFi Stadium. Along with mentioning Rock’s alleged workout excuse, the undisputed WWE Universal champion talked about enough trash to keep the door open for the mega-match to happen somewhere down the line:

Those are the rumors – there’s been a huge buzz about it for a long time now. I mean for years now. But it’s really picked up in the last two years.

“I think he just came out with a statement saying he won’t be ready in time, which – that’s the kind of face everyone makes, like, ‘Wait, he’s training every days… It’s huge!’

“In his defense, it’s one thing to train with weights, and strength training to look the part. But to be able to get in the ring and make a main event match – a title match, an undisputed WWE Universal Championship match – takes a lot of conditioning. It beats your body.

“So it’s more than just training in the weight room…it’s a pro athlete type situation where you have to condition, you have to – you know, he does two of three things perfectly. His nutrition and his bodybuilding is on point, but you gotta condition yourself and you gotta be ready to be ready to fall.

Fallon plays the hype man for the tribal leader, saying that’s especially true when facing Reigns. The champion agreed:

“It’s number one, Dwayne. When you take on Roman Reigns, you better be prepared to fall.

Asked about other possible ‘Mania opponents, Roman mentioned the current favorites. Of Sami Zayn he said “within my line, we’ve been doing some great television for the last six months.” He also put on Cody Rhodes, talking at length about Hell in a Cell’s impressive performance last year.

Is Reigns getting ahead of himself? Asked about Royal Rumblethe head table told Fallon his strategy was to “not change anything” because he “has been beating Kevin Owens for years now.”

Check it all out here:

What if you want to see Roman play Password against three-time Emmy winner Claire Danes? You are lucky! This clip also tells us that Reigns doesn’t like a certain marshmallow stuffed Easter treat…

Believe that.

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