Jamie Foxx’s Donald Trump impression makes Snoop Dogg laugh in hilarious video

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Jamie Foxx54 years old, had all the jokes on the last episode of the rap radar podcast, because it made a perfect impression of donald trump, 76! The actor killed the part when he nailed Trump’s voice and even did Snoop Dogg50 years old laughing during the hilarious interview August 25. And his impression was so precise that the podcast hosts Elliot Wilson and Brian ‘B. Dot’ Miller were also dying of laughter!

The Day shift The actor did some of Donald’s most famous hand gestures and facial expressions while adding some of his own exaggerated comments. “I love Snoop DO Double G, great person,” Jamie joked before adding, “I love Death Row Records” – a reference to the iconic rap label Snoop bought in February.

On the podcast, Jamie also impersonated Trump’s voice to deliver one of his most famous lines: “Excuse me, fake news!” He also joked, “They tried to give me the virus!”, which seemed to be a reference to when Trump had COVID-19 in October 2020. Following this comment, Jamie continued to ask “Who is ‘they ‘?”, before laughing to himself.

Donald Trump, Snoop Dogg and Jamie Foxx
Jamie Foxx did a Donald Trump impression in a new interview with Snoop Dogg. (Shutterstock)

Jamie’s impression was so accurate that many people commented on Elliott’s tweet along with the clip to say how talented the actor is. One user wrote, “This is the best Trump impression I’ve ever heard, Jamie is talented.” And we couldn’t agree more! Another user chimed in and said, “It’s amazing. It’s Trump’s best impression EVER…and he does it so easily. What a talented man he is.

Jamie is certainly talented, but it’s worth remembering that he’s not the first person to make a perfect impression of the former US president. Many comedians have done good work in the past. In fact, one of Trump’s most iconic prints of recent years was done by Alec Baldwin in various Saturday Night Live sketches. Yet Jamie’s own impression will go down as one of the most memorable from now on.

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