Google’s mysterious foldable pixel has been delayed…again

The product that has been talked about for a long time is a Google Pixel that you can bend.

The product that has been talked about for a long time is a Google Pixel that you can bend.
Photo: Drew Angerer (Getty Images)

mythical of Google folding phone just got even more elusive. Reports indicate that the release of Google’s foldable phone has been delayed again, this time until next spring.

Rumors about Google’s version of the Samsung Galaxy Z the line has been appearing since the beginning of 2021, but The Electr reported yesterday that the tech giant is ending its plans to unveil its foldable phone in the fourth quarter of this year, opting for a release next spring. The Elec further wrote that Google postponed the release because the product is not complete. This would be in line with rumors from late last year that Google had previously discarded what progress he had made on the project, bringing it back to the drawing board instead. Supply chain insider Ross Young corroborated The Elec’s claims, tweeting: “Learning from multiple sources in their supply chain that Google’s foldable launch has been delayed [until] Next spring.”

This isn’t the first time this product has faced rumors of a delay, much to the dismay of impatient Google fans who want to fold their phone in half like a piece of paper. Rumors of Google delaying the first tech hit to fall 2021, with Young saying Google won’t release the phone until Q2 2022 at the earliest. Well, here we are in Q2, but without a phone.

It doesn’t help that we only have to rely on speculation and insider sources, since the product hasn’t been officially announced. The device is still a mystery in many ways, and was missing from Google I/O earlier this month. But The Elec says the phone’s display would come from Samsung and feature a 7.57-inch primary display with a 5.78-inch secondary display and an ultra-thin glass cover. South Korean hinge maker Nexplus is also said to handle hinge hardware for the Google device. Previous Leaks showed two versions of the phone’s codename: the “Jumbojack”, which folds horizontally, and the “Passport”, which folds vertically, much like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

At this point, the foldable Google phone is very much a case of “I’ll believe it when I see it,” which hopefully will be next spring. But Google is currently beating 0 to 2 on release dates.

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