Giants’ Daniel Jones has an impressive day in joint practice against the Jets

What Daniel Jones and the Giants’ first-team offense accomplished Thursday in a joint practice with the Jets was enough to convince coach Brian Daboll he’s seen enough and that he doesn’t need to use his starters in the pre-season finale?

Tune in on Sunday, but there’s no doubt the sight of a different set of jerseys on his familiar team’s grass pitch brought out the best in Jones.

“I think overall it was a pretty good day,” Jones said. “I think we executed well against their stuff, going against a new defense.”

Consider that an understatement.

Daniel Jones completed 14 of 15 passes in joint practice against the Jets.
bill kostrun

Jones completed 14 of 15 passes in team periods. His streak of 14 consecutive successful passes ended on his last throw, as he tossed the ball into the left corner of the end zone, looking for Kenny Golladay, but the ball was intercepted by the running back. of Bryce Hall corner.

Throughout a summer of ups and downs, it was a “up” for Jones.

The start of the day was exactly what the Giants needed to get off to a good start. There were 10 assists in the seven-for-seven period and three Giants quarterbacks completed all 10 assists. This particular passing drill is designed to heavily favor the offense — the quarterback has clear, unimpeded vision for every throw — but it’s not as if the Giants’ offense earlier this summer has seen such a big hit. success against his own defence.

Jones was five for five, Tyrod Taylor was three for three and Davis Webb was two for two during the seven-for-seven period. The highlight came when Jones kicked the ball for Golladay and he did just that. he didn’t do enough during training camp. Golladay extended every bit of his frame and 6-foot-4 wingspan to leap over cornerback DJ Reed, making the hold on the right sideline.

“I felt really good about the way we started – Dabes always talks about starting fast – that kind of kick gave us a boost,” receiver David Sills said.

“It always helps at the start of a practice or a practice period, getting a few finishes and feeling the rhythm – in a way, we started and I think we did it well,” Jones said. “I think a lot of this offense is about that timing and knowing where and when the guys are going to be open and getting out in time to get somebody else the ball. I think we’ve done a good job with that and I think we’re all getting more comfortable.

It was appetizer to a savory main course for Jones. Of course, there were a good number of short and intermediate pitches that should be completed at a high percentage. On one play, Jones hit rookie tight end Daniel Bellinger, but the pass in a real game would never have been thrown, as Jones faced pocket pressure, defensive lineman John Franklin-Meyers beating right tackle Evan Neal for what would have been a sack. Jones actually hit the ground, which is a no-no in these practices.

Most of the time, however, he got the ball back fairly quickly and his offensive line pushed the Jets forward group back.

Jones rolled to his left and launched across the field to Sills for a nice gain. It was a trend. Sills caught five passes in the 11-on-11 periods. Jones, on a well-timed pitch, found Sills and sent the ball to his target just before cornerback Michael Carter ran in an attempt to break the Game.

Sills said the players in the wide reception hall were “really excited, had music and everything” before this practice.

Giants quarterback Daniel Jones drops a pass during joint practice against the Jets.
Giants quarterback Daniel Jones drops a pass during joint practice against the Jets.
bill kostrun

Perhaps the most eye-catching moment was with Taylor operating the second-team offense. He spotted tight end Tanner Hudson running free in midfield and hit him in stride for what would have been a long touchdown pass. It’s the kind of momentum the Giants haven’t seen at all this summer outside of their tight, depth-hungry end position and it was achieved by Hudson, who signed with the team earlier today. and participated in his first training.

The new looks presented by the Jets made Jones and his friends look good.

“We come here, we train against a different look than we’ve seen every day,” Daboll said. “And that’s the advantage of training against another team.”

This turned out to be an advantage for Jones and the passing game.

“The pace picks up a bit and you’re playing guys you haven’t seen that many against guys,” Jones said.

The pace picked up, and so did Jones, showing perhaps enough to make him a looker when the Giants face the Jets on Sunday.

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