Don’t buy official Google Pixel cases

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Smartphones and cases go hand in hand. After all, those handhelds we carry around with us are expensive and fragile; it makes sense to protect them. Smartphone manufacturers like google know this, and make their own case to sell you alongside one of their devices. However, when Google asks if you want one of its cases when supporting a new Pixel phone, say no.

As reported by The Vergethere are dozens of complaints on Reddit and Amazon about the Google official Pixel 6 cases, surrounding three main questions that seem to be recurrent with these cases: the material turns yellow; cases does not fit phones; and, if they match the phones, the case itself deforms, so the material protrudes around the buttons. Some even blame the cases for scratching their phones, which is, of course, what you buy a case to avoid.

A post from Redditor A_Giant_Baguette with photos attracted the attention of the crowd in r/googlepixel. You can see from this image the path the case warps around the Pixel’s volume buttons, while this photo shows how much the case has yellowed. These problems would have arisen for seven months, which is way too fast for a $30 smartphone case, especially one made by the same company as the phone itself.

Worse still, seven months is a long timecompared to the experiences of certain other customers, who have reported their cases began to deteriorate after two or three weeks. Whether your case looks new for two weeks or seven months, you have every right to be frustrated by an obviously defective product.

That’s not to say that everyone who buys a Google case for their Pixel experiences these issues. If you scan review pages for themyou will find many positive reviews in addition to complaints. However, the complaints are hard to ignore. Some users who purchased through the Google Store Amazon can’t even get their money back; A_Giant_Baguette, who just identified this, reports that when they asked a refund from Amazon, they were sent to Google, which in turn sent them back to Amazon.

When they finally contacted someone at Google, they were told that the company did not provide warranties on products purchased through third parties.even if this “third party” was the official Google Store on Amazon. (Take that as another lesson here: don’t buy anything from Google from anyone but Google if you want Google to cover it.)

For now, your best course of action is to look elsewhere for your Pixel case. Hope Google will fix the problem and does better with the next case it does. The company’s cloth cases have been a hit, so maybe we’ll see these return for the Pixel 7, if not one of the Google more devices to come.

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