Day 1 Leaders Boot Camp Observations

The Kansas City Chiefs were back at the Missouri Western State University training ground in St. Joseph, Missouri on Wednesday morning, conducting the team’s first full training camp practice of 2022.

Wednesday’s practice audience was limited to Chiefs season ticket holders. On Thursday, the team’s second full practice session will be open to the general public. Click here to find out how you can attend and see the full training camp schedule.

arrowhead pride editor Pete Sweeney was there, making observations which were posted on Twitter – starting with noting that it was a beautiful day for training camp.

Unlike weekend rookie and quarterback workouts, the fans were present to take advantage of the weather – and sometimes, a close encounter with their favorite player.

Although he could appear any day, Kansas City’s left tackle seems decided that day 1 wasn’t going to be that.

But so far, the chiefs have not chosen to slide their left guard to tackle.

The was a familiar face on the right side of the offensive line.

Expectations for Kansas City’s two starting cornerbacks now seem to be right.

A former Michigan Wolverine continued to be the backup for his former comrade.

The team’s fourth-round cornerback continued to impress.

Kansas City’s new free agent safety said he was happy to observe the features he likes in the young defensive backs of the team.

As it appeared, Reid also had a great day.

Yet he meant he was just a guy doing his job.

At one point, the former Pittsburgh Steelers player had a great run – even though Juan Thornhill was quick to point out to Pete that it was actually McDuffie who turned on the play. What can we say? Sometimes it’s hard to tell Juan apart from someone else on the defensive. We regret the error.

After practice, Smith-Schuster said that off-season work with his new quarterback has paid off.

A Few Other Wide Receivers didn’t make as much noise Wednesday…

…although some reserve players had a good time in the sun.

Clemson’s Old Broad had another good game.

And we finally got to know which players are considered as returns – so far.

The next practice will begin at 9:15 a.m. (Arrowhead time) Thursday.

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