Clash of Clans Update: Town Hall 15 Additions, Release Date, Time & More: Follow the Latest UPDATES

Clash of Clans Update – Town Hall 15 Additions, Release Date, Time and Other Updates on October 2022 Update: Supercell has announced the…

Clash of Clans update – Town Hall 15 additions, release date, time and other updates on October 2022 update: Supercell announced the long-awaited addition of Town Hall for Clash of Clans a few days ago. According to the latest estimates, the next update should be deployed in the next few days. However, the release date is not yet official. Meanwhile, the developers also revealed unique features and stats for the upcoming Town Hall, including new defenses. Along with these inclusions, Supercell has also released a brand new teaser, featuring four special companions for Clash of Clans heroes. For future updates on Clash of Clans and the COC update in October 2022, follow InsideSport.IN.

Clash of Clans Update

As mentioned earlier, Supercell hasn’t confirmed a specific release date for the in-game launch of Town Hall 15, however, it can be expected to arrive with the October update. The arrival of the new Town Hall level happens over a year later as the developers launched Town Hall 14 in April 2022. On the other hand, the October update 2022 should be released in the first half of the month, most likely around Monday October 10th.

Clash of Clans update: Town Hall 15 additions, release date, time and other updates in October 2022 (Image via COC)

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Town Hall 15 additions and more updates

The new town hall addition in Clash of Clans will have an upgrade cost of 18 million gold, which will take 15 days to complete. As for abilities, at base level, Town Hall 15 will be able to hold two million gold, two million elixir, and 20K dark elixir, with an HP of 9600. Players will be able to upgrade these storages alongside various other buildings. .

Meanwhile, TH 15 will not have a unique signature defensive weapon. Supercell has revealed that the new addition to the Clash of Clans Town Hall will borrow Giga Inferno from previous TH levels – 13 and 14. The Giga Inferno, however, will be upgraded multiple times to make TH 15 even more powerful.

Clash of Clans update: Town Hall 15 additions, release date, time and other updates in October 2022 (Image via COC)

Additionally, Supercell also revealed two new defenses in Town Hall 15 – Spell Tower and Monolith. The former will allow players to choose between three spells to defend the base, while the latter will be single-target base defense. Here are the three spells of Spell Tower.

  • Rage Spell – It will strengthen nearby defenses and units – At level 1 with cost and upgrade time of 14 million and 14 days, alongside 2500 HP.
  • Poison Spell – He will spit poison at enemies – At level 2 with cost and upgrade time of 16 million and 16 days, alongside 2800 HP.
  • Invisibility spell – It will temporarily conceal defense, units and buildings – At level 3 with an upgrade cost and time of 18 million and 18 days, alongside 3100 HP.

Monolith will have two tiers that can be upgraded with Dark Elixir. The first level will cost around 300K DE (18 days), while the second will be priced at 360K DE (19 days). For future updates on Clash of Clans, follow InsideSport.IN.

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