Chicago Fire Finale Recap: Marital Happiness and Danger – Plus, Rate It!

That sound you hear is the wedding bells finally ringing chicago fireSeason 10 finale. But Severide and Stella didn’t make it down the aisle without a hitch, and their honeymoon might not be so peaceful either.

Let’s start at the beginning: Severide is asked to testify before a grand jury against Campbell. When the firefighter shows up to give his testimony, he spots one of Campbell’s guys with a knife. The two fight, during which Severide kicks him…out the window to his death. Severide is clearly shaken for taking a man’s life, but everyone reassures him that it was in self-defense. After attacking a firefighter in front of witnesses, Campbell has now left the Windy City, authorities tell Severide. So that’s good, right? Not so fast…

In the meantime, Severide and Stella approach their wedding day, with old friends Casey and Brett back in town for the nuptials. Best man Casey can’t believe Severide is getting married. It’s something to see Severide change since Stella came into his life and made him a better man, he tells his pal. Severide replies that the fire station hasn’t been the same since he left – and never will be. When the couple’s wedding venue is suddenly unavailable, Casey saves the day by finding a boat and a ship’s captain who can marry the couple. Severide also receives a sweet surprise moments before the wedding: a video call from his mother, who was planning to surprise him, but her plane was delayed. She is now okay with the idea that at least one Severide man is the marrying type.

Boden walks Stella down the aisle because he’s the closest thing she has to a father, she tells him. (Sniff!) Then the bride and groom exchange their vows. “The simple truth is that you are magic to me. Every time I’m down, you lift me up. You never leave me,” Stella said.

“I decided a long time ago that if I was going to be with you, I had to be worthy of you, which seemed impossible,” Severide says. “You made sure you really knew me, and by some miracle, you still love me. Stella, I may never be worthy of you, but I promise to spend the rest of my life trying.

And with that, praise be, commitment phobes are finally hitched! As they arrive at Severide’s cabin for a private moment, a mysterious truck appears, and you just know that can’t be good.

Back at the wedding, Brett and Casey (sort of) face their uncertain future. He wishes she could have stayed with him in Portland forever. As she pointed out to Violet, he’s where he’s supposed to be, now a dad and fighting wildfires. But Brett is back in Chicago for good; that’s where his life is. “How long can we go on with so much time apart?” Brett wonders, to which Casey replies, “I don’t know. But we are together tonight.

Elsewhere, the war against Emma rages on. Hawkins is out of breath, so he goes to the upper echelons and offers to take the hit. Meanwhile, Violet tells Emma that she’s upset if she doesn’t realize that all 51 will come after her if she takes Violet’s place. Emma remembers something her army dad said about it, no matter if the guy next to you likes you or not. When you go into battle, you become a family. However, for this to happen, you actually have to to stay in battle, which Emma does not. She flees when called for help, leaving Violet and a woman in labor as flames surround them. Now that the rest of the firehouse have seen Emma for who she really is, Hawkins is done bowing down to her threats and orders Emma to clean out her locker.

Summary of the Chicago FiresWhile Emma is defeated, the battle may have done irreparable damage to Violet and Hawkins’ relationship. At first she ignores his plea, then she confides in Ritter that she wishes he had done more to help her. We’re guessing the lingering stare between Violet and Gallo also has something to do with her sudden feelings that dating her boss was a mistake.

Finally, in a sweet little moment, Casey gives Gallo his favorite axe. He’s glad Gallo is staying with the truck because if he can’t be there, then he’s glad 51 is in hands he trusts. Then he tells Gallo that he is now part of the old guard.

chicago fire fans, what did you think of the end of the season? Rate it below, then hit the comments!

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