Bully Ray has a new enemy in Impact

Bully Ray has made a lot of enemies over the years in Impact. Now it looks like Bully has a new enemy to fight. The difference is that Bully wasn’t the bastard on this occasion.

Bully returned to Impact seeking to make peace with his past transgressions by doing things the right way for once. After winning the Call Your Shot Gauntlet, he has his sights set on the Impact World Championship. Bully publicly told current champion Josh Alexander that there would be no fun business with underhand cashing. Bully will be direct when he comes for the title.

The problem is that no one believes Bully due to his treacherous past. Tommy Dreamer is his only friend in Impact, and even Dreamer doesn’t fully trust Bully.

Someone is aiming to capitalize on this scenario. Last week, Ace Austin was assaulted in the parking lot. The author remains a mystery for the moment, but Bully is singled out. This week on Impact wrestling saw Bully at his wit’s end with the accusations, and one man in particular stuck in his throat.

The Bullet Club didn’t buy Bully’s denials. The words ignited. Bully apologized once again. When asked who might have executed the attack, Bully suggested Moose. Dreamer tried to make peace and clashed with Chris Bey. A match was made for later that evening. After Bullet Club exited, Dreamer asked Bully to stay in the back for this match. Dreamer was losing patience with the drama that accompanies the affair with Bully.

Once the match started, Bully was quick to arrive on the scene to balance Ace’s presence at ringside. Just as Dreamer predicted, drama followed Bully. Dreamer had the momentum for a superplex when Moose decided to run down the ramp and bicker with Bully. Moose was not happy that Bully threw him under the bus as a suspect.

Moose got his comeback by tripping Bey and blaming Bully. This stoked fires between Bully and the Bullet Club. Bey still managed to prevail by escaping a Death Valley pilot to hit the Art of Finesse cutter to win.

Behind the scenes, Bully lost his temper with no one who trusted him. Bully threatened to get violent the next time Moose got involved.

Impact is creating an interesting story by pushing Bully to his breaking point. Dealing with Moose will be a test to see where Bully stands. Even if Bully wants to do things the right way with Alexander, walking down this dark road against Moose could push him to the brink with no turning back. After getting a taste of his old villainous nature to deal with Moose, Bully may not be able to resist the urge to be a jerk when it comes time to cash in on his world title.

Do you believe that Bully Ray will be honorable in the end?

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