Bill Gates uses a foldable phone, but it’s not Microsoft’s Surface Duo

Would you even say the Duo is foldable?

Which phone do you think Bill Gates uses? Here’s a hint: it’s not the Lumia 950 – that phone is almost seven years old now. A Surface Duo is a more apt guess given that it launched late last year and would suit Microsoft’s co-founder. But it’s hardly an option for a daily driver – in our review we found the clunky form factor, poor battery life and software glitches, among other issues. You’d be better off with almost any other phone. And as Gates revealed recently, he is.

In a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything), he mentioned that he was using a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3. Gates said his pick comes down to his foldable phablet form factor that lets him cut his gadget load down to just a phone and a laptop (per SamMobile). It’s also likely to want a polished software experience, decent cameras, and a long and fast update policy.


Still acting as one of Microsoft’s top reps, you’d think the company’s continued collaboration with Samsung might also play a role. Thanks to the partnership between the tech giants, Galaxy devices are the go-to companions for Windows PCs with enhanced features in the Phone Link Bridge that allow users to run Android apps, check gallery content on their computers and gain two-way access to the clipboard.

In terms of pure hardware, you could make a case for the Surface Duo, which has two screens attached to a hinge to give you more screen real estate. However, the screen’s lack of continuity makes it a significantly different experience to the Fold3.

The Z Fold3 is pretty much the best book-style foldable smartphone on the market, selling over 2.5 million units in recent years. In absolute numbers, its closest competitor is probably Huawei, which still suffers from a lack of Google services. And given the political hot water that got this company into this predicament, it’s probably wise for Bill Gates to avoid being seen with a Mate X.


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